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What is DaoJia?

DaoJia was created to grow and support an online community surrounding the knowledge of Professor Wong’s Dao teachings.

Why DaoJia? We study the system of Dao Jia, Nature Dao. This site will continue to change and evolve as does nature.

The frame work chosen provides an easy-to-use interface simplifying the management and collaboration of a range of content including documents, newsletters and rich media published by the Academy. DaoJia comprises a public web site with information on classes, events and training, and a secure site by invitation for access to the groups study notes.

The public site will also have information and articles for you to share with friends and family should they be more than curious.
Once logged into the site many more tools become available to students including:

  • Managing your user and contact details.
  • Managing your subscription to a seasonal DaoJia newsletter, upcoming events and announcements.
  • Have access to a Dao group forums where you can submit questions to be answered by Professor when the group meets for Dao Training - You can post questions about the Dao Notes if you require clarification regarding information presented. A Senior will reply to your question or it may be escalated for Professor to answer.
  • Have access to articles and the Dao notes any time you are online.
  • Contribute to the wealth of knowledge by writing articles, share other resources or even review a publication.
  • More features will be made available over time and as need arises.

How do you get involved?

Each of us including past students will be sent an email with an invitation to join by activating their user account. All is easily navigated and completed with simple instructions. At any time you can send an email to the site administrator if you have difficulty or wish to offer feedback.

If you are excited by the idea and wish to contribute, simply notify the site administrator who will grant the appropriate access permissions.

Essentially this is our group web site and as such we are all responsible for the integrity of the information. There is only so much that can be accomplished with securing a web site before it becomes intrusive. Your commitment to safe guarding the intellectual property that is made available to each of us is essential.

What’s the address for DaoJia?

The address(URL) for DaoJia is simply: http://daojia.info

Go to the site and view the public content. To ensure the integrity of the site, most articles are hidden until you login.

To request an account, please use the contact form on the site and send an email with your name, email and “register me” as the subject. You will then receive a return email with a link confirming your details and login details.

Direct all other inquiries to the site administrator This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 July 2010 11:39

Tao Te Ching

The spirit of emptiness is immortal. It is called the Great Mother because it gives birth to Heaven and Earth.

It is like a vapor, barely seen but always present. Use it effortlessly.