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What is Tai Ji
The Art of Movement
Tai Ji is related to health and longevity
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Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Australia

Tai Ji Quan (TAI CHI)
Wu De Hui Australia


Tai Ji Quan – a pearl from an ancient tradition of human study

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) will inform and uplift awareness concerning the human body and natural movement, thus presenting a wonderful journey of discovery. The basic level will address bad habits that create postural flaws and internal pressures. Only when this is achieved can movement in all life circumstances be performed with maximum efficiency and without disruption of Qi/energy dynamic or blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. When this training reaches a high standard, then it is difficult to suffer ills from the effects of normal ageing.

Tai Ji Quan origins from the study of nature

The style taught has origins from Zhang San Feng, (a Daoist master who lived between 2,500 - 2,900 years ago) and this form engages precepts from the study of nature - Nature Dao. The reason our style follows the Dao (great cycle) is because of the capacity to harmonise Hui and Nei Jing. The flow of meridian Qi is the co-ordinating medium between Hui Jing - external nature i.e. the external environment within which a human being lives, and Nei Jing – the internal nature within a human being. The style of Tai Ji taught has at its core the ability to co ordinate the internal and external natures of the body in order for each to balance and harmonize with the other. Tai Ji Quan is based upon this kind of fundamental understanding.

The art of Tai Ji facilitates dynamic self-cultivation and this is to come to know the extraordinary interactions of spirit, energy (Qi) and the physical body. The spirit leads, commanding the energy dynamic to enable and direct the physical body. When a person’s Qi, energy dynamic, is tired or run down (as often can be seen in the aged) the physical body will reflect the same. Energy dynamic is referred to by classical texts as Qi. Qi is the vehicle by which heaven or spirit connects the earth or physical body. The subtlest manifestation of Qi permeates the Spirit; the densest manifestation of Qi permeates the physical body. A person’s physical body may once have been strong, however, if the Qi runs down or becomes depleted then the body will have little energy and the spirit can easily become dull or scattered.

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Tao Te Ching

The Tao of Heaven is eternal, and the earth is long enduring.

Why are they long enduring? They do not live for themselves; thus they are present for all beings.

The Master puts herself last; And finds herself in the place of authority. She detaches herself from all things; Therefore she is united with all things. She gives no thought to self. She is perfectly fulfilled.