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Presentation of a Tenth Degree/Dan In Martial Arts
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Taiwan Martial Arts Dojo, Professor Wong's Talk

One purpose of our seven-day sojourn to Taiwan was to meet with Master Hong and visit his martial arts Dojo. He gained fame in the martial arts world (and some as a movie star) when he was competing in Judo at the highest level.  Since that time and for many years Master Hong has been involved in refereeing competitions and working as a Judo organiser. In Taiwan, Martial Arts standards are regulated by Government legislation.  Both Professor Wong Lun and Mr. Hong hold high degrees in the Taiwan Martial Arts system, as such allowing them to grade students.  Before leaving Australia, senior students of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Australia) Martial Arts School were graded by Professor Wong.  The grading approval for these Academy students meant applying through the official offices of government. Master Hong organised for all this to be completed and welcomed us to the Dojo for a formal gathering and presentation ceremony.

We arrived dressed in our best clothes and ascended to the 12th floor of the building, which was the roof. Here was a courtyard area used for outside training.  On from this is an enclosed Dojo with padded floor for Judo and all the usual martial regalia.  A photo of Dr. Sun Yatsen, who was the Father of the Chinese Republic, overlooks the Dojo. For this day rows of seats were placed and we were all seated.  Master Hong was M.C. and he sat at the front with Prof Wong and other dignitaries including Academy Vice Principal Glenys Savage.  He was gracious in his welcome to everybody and spoke about his history with Professor Wong.  He talked about his visit to Australia and his tour through China with the Academy's China tour in 1998.

He then introduced another speaker, a Master Wong, whom everyone deferred to as the senior of the Dojo; he was aged between 70-80 years.  He welcomed us all warmly and spoke about his history with the martial arts.  He said that only he and Prof. Wong-Lun were old enough to remember the war; that those times were very bad and hard for everyone.  He had written several Martial Arts books since those days and had worked with Prof Wong on all of them.

Another gentleman sitting at the front table was Master Hong's long time judo coach.  He spoke briefly about those years of competition and about the qualities he encouraged with his training methods.  He urged everyone to study very hard for this is the only way to gradually improve.

Master Hong and Master Wong then stood together to jointly perform the main functions of this day.  A presentation on behalf of the Republic of China's martial Arts Association, to Prof Wong Lun, a Golden sword and certificate for his achievement of being awarded a 10th Degree/Dan, in martial Arts.  This degree is very rare and highly prized.  It acknowledges Professor Wong's life long study of the physical arts and his deep understanding of both the Medical and martial aspects of this study.  Master Wong also pinned a gold medal of the association onto the lapel of Profs jacket.  Prof was then asked to speak.

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