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Professor Wong Lun OAM, (now retired at the age of 88), was the founder and President of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, (Australia). The Academy consisted of three divisions.

  • The Academy clinic offered TCM medical treatments to the general public. The Academy clinic was amongst the largest alternative medical treatment centres in the southern hemisphere, and it held a widely renowned international reputation.
  • The school of TCM; offering a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in the five methods of TCM; acupuncture, herbal medicine, TCM medical massage, diet and exercise therapy, and, student clinic.
  • The school of the physical arts; teaching Tai Ji Quan, including weapons, Wu Gong, five styles of Chinese martial arts, Judo and Tang Shou.

In the years since 1974, when Professor Wong Lun first arrived in Australia, he began a new Nature Dao class only four times. It was only in the final class that he continued to lecture extensively on the subject of Nature Dao. Previously, in keeping with traditional practice, he would lecture, demonstrate, and then leave the class to continue practice under the guidance of a senior student. He would return some months later, check the progress, and either teach something more or leave again for another period of time. And this is the process that continued for years and years.

People would not be allowed to begin this course unless they had completed a minimum three-year term of Tai Ji Quan, and is particularly for those students who had passed beyond the initial stages of their medical training (for whom this knowledge is specifically aimed). Even then, people would still need to be invited to join. The reason why is because this knowledge represents the specialist teachings of TCM, which should not be undertaken without a firm foundation in basic precepts/maturity regarding life and health.

For the final Dao course, Professor Wong presented 36 extensive lectures over a 4-year period. He explained to the class that he wanted to pass this knowledge on to the next generation. He declared to the members of that class - that they were the next generation. He charged his senior students to start a Dao Society and henceforth, to present this knowledge to the modern world. These lectures were recorded, rendered, and read back to him for corrections and his additions

Thus are we privileged to begin this process by presenting excerpts of his first three lectures to you, the reader, in the trust that what is read here will not be taken and used out of the context within which they are intended. Read them with the pleasure of witnessing concepts and ideas that have passed down since the beginning of intelligent reasoning. Much has been left out; there is so much more that we seek to share with you, so keep an eye on this site. Enjoy a glimpse of the bounty uncovered by the oldest civilisation on earth.

James Middleton and the Nature Dao class. February 2009

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Professor Wong's Lecture, 3/3/02
Nature Dao training

What is Dao?

Dao is not religion; it is a natural way of living life. Dao is the intelligence that forms the order and natural wisdom of individual life, and the way that this harmonizes with the universe as a whole. Precepts describing the way of the Dao have been formed from the study of nature. I began this study while still very young, and I discovered that the people who follow this way perceive and respond to life from many angles. There are so many religions and so many ways people say to live life. My way is to follow Nature Dao, the principles of which have passed down from the people of the old culture and been refined over a period of 10,000 to 16,000 years. Such a long time for observing a way of life that can be said to be nature’s way for human beings to live life.

In order to follow a way of life that will not disturb the Dao of human life, four tendencies of human thinking and behaviour are very important to avoid. If a person adopts these tendencies in the mind, becoming caught up in the actions of their influence; then it is always very hard for their lives to be successful.

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Professor Wong's Lecture, 17/3/02
Nature Dao training

What is Dao?

Dao is nature of living. It is following a natural way of human life in harmonious relationship to nature and the universe. Dao describes the natural force pre-existing within all living things. A flower will unerringly and perfectly grow from seed to full bloom, and reproduce again, because of the Dao of a flower’s natural existence. Should the flower not grow to its full potential, or be destroyed, it is because of an inability to access appropriate nurturing of the Dao in time and place. Dao also describes the order of the inanimate; the Dao of the universe is to be a universe. The force that causes/creates all of the myriad events and patterns of the universe, even that of a single inanimate particle suspended in space, or of a single living cell, finally displays a profound and wonderful order of intelligence, and this is the Dao. Dao is the intelligent order that rises from and underlies the seemingly random cataclysmic chaos of events of chemical and quantum Yin/Yang reactions/relationships.

Nature Dao involves the study of the nature of being and living. For human beings, Nature Dao studies involve recognition, so as to recognise and discover the best way to nurture the Dao of human life. This will lead to the full flowering of human potential and to harmonious relationships with nature and the universe. We are part of the Dao of nature, connected to all aspects both seen and unseen. Nature Dao training leads us to move toward a natural state. This way is termed Dao Jia. Dao Jia is not religion; religious Dao is termed Dao Jiao.

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Dao class will continue this year and be held once a month.

A new intake of students who have previously completed the Academy tai chi form will commence in 2014. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Bill Nagel or use the contact form.

Time: 9.00am to 10.30am - first Sunday of each month excluding January

Location: Jika Jika Community Centre, corner of Union St. and Plant St Northcote.
(Jika Jika is located in the same street as the Academy building - at the Plant Street end).

Instructor: Bill Nagel with the assistance of senior students.
For inquiries contact Bill Nagel.

Costs: A nominal fee will be charged to cover hire fees for the hall.

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